August 1st, 2019

Bell Center, Montreal

6 PM - Director's Lounge

Cocktails - Amuse Bouches
Miracle Marley Sweet Treats

8 PM - Michael Bublé Live in Concert

VIP Reserved Seats

A sold out event with over 75k raised for ovarian and pancreatic cancer research

ICRF CELEBRATES Stephanie Weschler

Stephanie Weschler and her daughter Miracle Marley

In 2009, on my 32nd birthday, I gave birth to my baby girl Marley. It was the best present! Little did I know at the time, Marley was my little miracle baby. While I was pregnant, my doctor found a cyst on my ovary. The cyst was removed and to our surprise, I was diagnosed with a form of ovarian cancer. I was referred to Dr. Gotlieb and, within 2 weeks, I began aggressive chemotherapy. I consider myself very fortunate to have had Dr. Gotlieb and his team take me through this most difficult time and bring me to where I am today, 10 years post-diagnosis! One thing was for certain, had I not been pregnant, this tumor would have most likely gone unseen. Marley really is my Miracle Marley.


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